Mark Alan Effinger Startup Questions
(Selfie Reflections are sooo uncool…;-)

Q: Why are the right mindset and motivation important for entrepreneurs?

Because unless your last name is SnapChat, TikTok or Instagram, this is not a sprint. This is a marathon.

The Must-Do list of stress-inducing, heart attack producing issues is much longer than the Get-To-Do list of drinking mojitos on your private yacht filled with hookers and blow.

First: I cannot…

If you were a wannabe rock star in 1982, this was actually The Look. Or The Fixx.

I’m serious…
Raise your kids on music.

No matter what, raise your kids on music.
Teach your children to listen closely to the words.
To appreciate both the simple and the complex.
To engage polyrhythms and 4:4.
To emotionally dance with chord changes.
To engage their heart of hearts.


Satellites don’t get to space in a straight line.

(Take THAT, Flat Earthers!)

Their donor rocket uses gravity and the curvature of the earth to accelerate, slicing through the various “spheres” that protect us. (From low to high — troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere).

Escape velocity is the exact amount of thrust to…

The more problems you solve.
The bigger the problems you address.
The more valuable your business

Seth Godin’s excellent Akimbo podcast is a smorgasbord of insights.
History lessons. And novel ideas.

This is one of his maxims.
One that snuck out and attacked me during one dog-walking moment.

I love making cool products.
I consider both the process and the products a form of art.
But dammit, they better also be highly functional.
Effective. And both interesting and beautiful to look at.

In the end, they also best solve some gnarly problem or issue in some novel and valuable ways.

Because… (see below).

Webnutrients give birth vs raise the dead. A key to success.
He really said that…

Years ago (25 years ago, to be exact) a mentor and friend said this to me: “Mark, it’s easier to give birth than it is to raise the dead”.

At the time, he was talking about not wasting time with clients and channel partners who had lost momentum (Momentum… that’s…

Most people reach a point in their lives where they’re looking to relax, rather than perform.

They’ve resigned themselves to a fixed or declining energy level.

They’ve allowed common thinking to give the excuse to the middle age bulge.

They’ve been beat-up enough that real fulfillment and success are long…

Shouldn’t life’s inevitable dance be one in which we choose the soundtrack?

When I was the tender age of 10, I realized that any and every experience and emotion known to (wo)man has already been beautifully, lyrically and musically rendered in song.

I’ll elaborate on this later.
How the epiphany came to me.
The beautiful reality it helped me to see.

I’m forever grateful for that memory.
Now it’s time I shared it musically. Dancingly.
Here’s an earworm for your earbuds.
With a swath of movement and color for your eyeballs.

Now it’s your turn to dance. And I’m pretty sure that’s Tito’s in that glass…

Mark Alan Effinger

Entrepreneur. Biohacker. Athlete. Designer. Dad. Occasional Smarty Pants.

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